A stampede during Tech Fest at CUSAT in Kochi left four people dead and sixty-four injured.

A private hospital in the city and the Ernakulam government medical college in Kalamassery received about 64 of the injured pupils from the accident.

Deaths and Critical conditions

Around 64 students who have been injured in the mishap were taken to Ernakulam government medical college at Kalamassery and a private hospital in the city.

It is stated that the condition of four is critical during stampede during Tech Fest at CUSAT in Kochi

The Rush for Nikita Gandhi’s performance

A large crowd, comprising both students and members of the general public, flocked to the CUSAT campus to see a live performance by renowned Bollywood playback singer Nikhitha Gandhi.

By 7:00 p.m., a sizable throng had gathered on the university grounds and in the auditorium.

“Passes were required for admittance into the program. However, those without passes, including students, also congregated on college grounds. Abruptly, the rain started to pour, and the crowd outside the auditorium pushed their way inside. This resulted in the stampede,” an institution faculty member stated.

Eyewitness Accounts

A number of students fell over the stairs that led to the auditorium’s gallery as more people crowded inside. An eyewitness told the media that more people fell on top of the kids who were already on the ground, causing the stampede.

Wounded rush to Medical Care

The wounded students were soon transported to the nearby medical college by university officials and the police, who only needed to drive a few kilometers.

Stampede during Tech Fest at CUSAT in Kochi

There are four recorded deaths stampede during Tech Fest at CUSAT in Kochi. However, the deceased’s identity is still unknown. Two women are at the medical college’s intensive care unit. 46 students who were hurt during the stampede have been accepted into the medical school. The medical college’s wards are home to about 15 students, according to NSK Umesh of the Ernakulam district Collector.

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