Tragedy Strikes: Stampede at CUSAT Tech Fest

In a shocking turn of events, a stampede occurred during the Tech Fest at CUSAT in Kochi, resulting in four tragic deaths and 64 injuries. This article delves into the details of this unfortunate incident.


By: Yamini

The incident unfolded during a live performance by renowned Bollywood playback singer Nikhitha Gandhi. A massive crowd, comprising both students and the general public, had gathered on the CUSAT campus. Despite the requirement for passes, the crowd surged, seeking refuge from sudden rain, leading to the tragic stampede.

The Rush for Nikhitha Gandhi's Performance


Eyewitnesses describe a chaotic scene as people pushed their way into the auditorium without passes. Students fell on stairs, and more people toppled over those already on the ground, intensifying the stampede

Stampede Unfolds: Eyewitness Accounts


University officials and the police acted swiftly, transporting the injured to the nearby Ernakulam government medical college and a private hospital.

Emergency Response: Wounded Rushed to Medical Care


As of now, there are four recorded deaths, and the identity of the deceased remains unknown. Two women are in critical condition at the medical college's intensive care unit. Additionally, 46 students are accepted into the medical school, and 15 are housed in the medical college's wards.

Aftermath and Unknowns: Deaths and Critical Conditions